Monday, April 26, 2021

Week beginning 26th April

 No Spellings to learn this week at home

I am testing the children in school on the Y1 and Y2 exception words to see which they know and which they need to learn and then will create some personalised spelling lists for the children next week

Feel free to use this time to do My Maths homework or Read a book using the SORA app 

Usual homework menus are to follow, we are just waiting for confirmation of new teacher email addresses before we send these out so you have somewhere to send work to

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Friday 5th March


Please send work to

Spelling Test - more homophones


Ruth Miskin Training - YouTube 

(Set 3 lessons)


Teaching Video - Make patterns with 2d shapes

Worksheet - Make patterns with 2d shapes

Answer sheet

If you finish quickly why don't you try this


Hit the Button




I would like the children to finish their Diana Whittington stories from yesterday. Before doing this children should retell the stories using actions, ensuring they include the changes in this and look back at the Boxing up to remind them what has changed and what has stayed the same. Don't forget to use the Word Bank you made in Tuesday's lesson.

Please send me the finished stories, I can't wait to see them and this will help me to plan for their story writing next week. It is fine for adults to help with the stories.

Wider Curriculum

Science- Working Scientifically

What will your bridge look like? What will you make it out of? What properties will your material need to have? Maybe you will need to plan and make a design first?
Watch the video if you need help and have a go at making your own paper bridge! You could use anything small like coins or toy cars to test the strength of your bridge

Forest School (Optional)

Create an outdoor reading space for yourself or to share with your family.

Take your favourite book on your walk and sit under a tree, in a park, on a log or bench. Enjoy the freedom, peace and fresh air while reading or listening to the book of your choice! 


End of the day story