Thursday, June 4, 2020

Come on Derwent, we're losing both of our battles at the moment!
Call your friends get them on it
We can do it!!!!!

Pippa's done a little bit of everything today. She started the science experiment but is waiting for the sun! She made her very own spiders web and had a go at some optical illusion art inspired by Mrs Mack.

New Maths App created by Eva

Eva and her Dad have created a Maths App! 
Its great. 
It allows you to work on your addition, subtraction and times tables.
Have a look and see what you think

Zach has really enjoyed looking at the world map and spotting countries that he has heard of

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Ruby the design queen

Just look at what Ruby has made! 
She watched the design video from the blog then made her very own attic room.
 If you look closely you might be able to spot the blanket she knitted for the bed!
This is amazing Ruby, well done!

Forest School Challenge from Mrs Gay

Make a spider web catcher

Some people are afraid of spiders but they help us by eating insect pests and are fascinating creatures to watch., especially when spinning intricate webs! You can safely get close to one by creating your own web catcher.

You will need
3 medium sized straight twigs
1 longer stick
String or elastic band

1. Create a triangle shape with the twigs and secure the corners with the string or elastic bands
2. Attach the longer stick to the triangle in one corner and find an area in your garden to stick your web catcher in, preferably near a Bush or plant. The best time to check your web catcher is in the morning.

I would love to see any pictures of the spiders and webs that use your catchers, you could make a note of their markings to help identify them!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ethan the Scientist

Ethan has been busy doing different experiments at home
I love his scientist goggles

Bobby's holiday fun

Look what Bobby has been up to! 
It's looks like him and his sister have had a brilliant time on the beach!

It was lovely to hear from Eva a few days ago. 
Alongside her school work, she has been working with her dad on creating something on the computer. You will hear more about this in a day or two.
The next battle is on, starting today 
Derwent are battling Humber and Calder. 
Can we beat both the older and younger class? 
All you need to do is get on TT Rockstars and get those time tables correct.
 The more you do the more we score. Come on Derwent, we can do it! 
The battle finishes next Tuesday

Monday, June 1, 2020

Zach's busy half term break

Zach has been so busy over the half term holiday.
 Here are photos of just some of the things he has been up to.

Bugg house

Wow! Wow! Wow! 
Look at this bug house Jessica and Samantha have made. 
I would pay good money for this!
Following the Forest School tasks set last week, they went out collected the things they wanted to use, cut them down to size and then created this amazing wildlife habitat
Anyone else think they could do one too?

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Summer Half Term 2 Week 1

Weekly Maths Tasks 


and don't forget

⭐TT Rockstars
⭐ Hit the Button
⭐ Learning to tell the time

Weekly English Tasks (plus daily reading) 

(These are 2 week units of work.)

Spellings  - al and all making the 'or' sound

Can you find the  'al' or 'all' words in the paragraph below which make the 'or' sound? These are your spellings for this week

There was once a very tall man called Mr Chalk who lived with his dog, cat and also a cheeky hamster. Every day, he put on his hat and coat in the hallway, picked up a ball and called, ‘Come on, Fido! It’s time for your walk.’ Fido and his owner always went the same way so that Mr Chalk could have a talk with his friend Bob at his flower stall in the market. One day, as they passed the old castle walls, they noticed a strange shape stalking along through the grass. Just then, the rain started to fall in enormous splashy drops so they forgot the odd shape and ran to the market hall as fast as they could

Weekly Wider Curriculum Tasks

Geography - Look at a map of the world. Discuss the following
Can you find where we live? (England/United Kingdom) What countries are near ours? Can you find any other countries you have heard of? Are they near or far from England? What else have you noticed on the map? Do you know any very cold or very hot countries?

Science - The Environment 
Read through the PowerPoint (Climate Change PP) and then do the experiment to help you to learn more, if you want to record your results you can use this Activity Sheet

DT - This half term I will be asking you to research, design, make (if you can) and evaluate something so before we start, this week I would like you to learn about all the things we need to think about before we even start Designing

Picture NewsVirtual Assembly 1st June

Story: There has been a huge increase in people wanting to work in the healthcare sector recently.

Question:  Why do people choose the jobs they do?

RE Ongoing Task


We would like you to learn more about the Churches in your local area. 
What are they called? How are they the same and how are they different? 
Think about why they are special to some people. Talk to people who have been inside to find out more about what is the same and different inside and why that might be.
 Can you work out what all or most Churches seem to have?
You could also research 1 or more of the Churches and find about their history 
or even do some Art or DT work inspired by them.

Monday, May 25, 2020

World Record Attempt

Hello to all of our wonderful children at Carlton-in-Snaith Primary School! I have received a letter from Bruno at TT Rockstars and I thought I would share it with you.

Now, I always say we should aim high but even if you don't quite manage the world record of over 150 in a single studio game, we would love to see your efforts. See how close you can get, can you beat your highest score? 

As Bruno explains, studio games include all of the times tables and associated division facts but as I regularly tell the children in Calder Class, it doesn't matter if you get any wrong- just keep going and see how many you can get right! Before you know it, you'll be getting higher and higher scores. Don't forget Percy Parker to help you learn the tables too (find him on YouTube) the songs are super catchy!

Send us your best efforts for us to share on our blogs :) or if you think you can beat the world record, send your video to the link below!

From Miss Watling 

Guess what!?

Times Tables Rock Stars have gotten in touch with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS After some conversations they have created a new title - "the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars in one minute!"

To make an Official Attempt, players need to record a video of themselves achieving their highest score in the Studio* and send the video to by 23:59 UK time on 4th June 2020.

Read Official Attempt criteria in full

The highest scores we've seen over the years have been 150+ in a single Studio game so we know the standard for this global title will be high. 

Time to get rockin' during lock-in!


*Studio games go up 12×12 and include corresponding division facts.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Half Term Holiday

Although it may not feel like it for many of you, it is actually the half term holiday so we will not be setting any work this week.
Here are a few suggestions of things you could do:

Carry out some random acts of kindness
1. Make your brother or sister’s bed for them.
2. Clear the table after dinner without being asked.
3. Send a letter to your grandma or granddad, or a relative you don’t see very often. Write it by hand, not on the computer!
4. Read your little brother or sister a bedtime story.
5. Pour the rest of your family a drink at mealtimes.
6.Draw your mum or dad a picture, just because you love them.
7. Try to pay someone a compliment every day – for example, you could tell them they make you laugh, or they’re a good friend, or that they’re brilliant at drawing.
8. Paint rocks with pretty pictures or positive sayings and hide them in your neighbourhood for other children to find.
9. When you go shopping with your mum or dad, choose an extra item of food to donate to a food bank.
10.Smile and say hello to people you pass when you're out exercising
Do a jigsaw or play a board game
Keep up with TT Rockstars and Hit the Button
Find a book to read and enjoy as a family
Camp out in your garden or living room
Hold a Teddy Bear's Picnic
Help to make a meal for your family
Feel free to send photos to me of what you get up to and once the holiday is over I will have a look and post a few on the blog
Keep safe, Mrs Burton